Cold Pressed (Wooden Pressed) Oil

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What are Cold Pressed Oils?

With regard to heart health, the first food group which comes to mind is “Oils”. It is the most common cooking medium that provides the body with energy, taste of food with fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids. Now the question is which type of oil should be used & which is best for health.

There are two types of Oil based on processing:-

  1. Refined oils
  2. Cold Pressed Oils (Filtered oils or Wood Pressed Oil)


1. Refined Oils

  • Refined oils are mass-processed using chemicals, solvents and heat up to 250°C to extract more oil from the seeds. They contain trans fats but a reduced amount of nutrition. This is the term for the removal of most of the aromatics and undesirable constituents of oil distillates by liquid extraction. The oil from the initial process are bleached using bleaching clay, and deodorized, leaving the oil in its final state which is packaged and sold.
  • Refined oil extraction has higher oil yield.

For example, in cold pressed method we need 2.5kg of groundnuts to make 1 liter of groundnut oil where in refined process will extract 1 liter of oil from 1.8 kg of groundnuts.

  • Refined oil is neutralized for taste, color and odour so for that very low quality oil seeds are used.
  • In refined oil, cheap and neutral oils such as palm oil, cotton seed oil etc. are mixed for profits. This is a widespread and accepted “Oil blending” practice in the oil industry.
  • Google it, you will be shocked. Refined process allows this blending where consumers will not be able to find the difference. And FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) allows blending of oils as blending is a very common practice.
  • Refined oil is cheap & has longer shelf life as it is chemically treated. There is nothing to be spoilt in it as there is no organic life in it.

2. Cold Pressed Oils (Filtered Oil or Wood Pressed Oil)

  • Cold pressing also called as Filtered Oil or Kacchi Ghani or Wood Pressed Oil.
  • In cold pressing, oil is extracted at room temperature, or temperature less than 49°C (120°F), and the acid value is relatively low, so oil products are obtained after precipitation and filtration. This means that there is no need for any refinement.
  • Cold pressed oil has to use only good quality oil seeds; otherwise, a consumer will identify the lapse in quality.
  • Cold pressed oil retains most of its natural physiological and chemical properties and the nutritional value, aroma and flavor, its original taste & like a lot of important substances vitamin E, sterols, and carotenoids.




Which is better for health?

The general rule is – “Less the processing, more is the nutrition”.

So, definitely from a health perspective, cold pressed oil is the clear winner. The filtered oils are better than refined ones because

  • Filtered oils are produced at a lower temperature which retain most of the nutrition & the fatty acid bonds doesn’t become toxic, which is not true with refined oils.
  • To make filtered oils the best grade of seeds are used which is not again true for refined ones.
  • Refined oils undergo oxidation, which can cause complications like cancer and inflammation.
  • Moreover, a lot of healthy compounds are lost from the oils while refinement of oil, whereas in cold pressing, all beneficial compounds are retained.
  • Another important factor that makes cold pressed oils a better choice is that it involves no refinement; unlike hot Refined oils which is refinement for improve the taste and acidic content.


If we consider cost of cold pressed oil is more than refined oil but cold pressed oils are heavier than refined oil which is nearly double, so they need to consume half than refined oils.

Example –

In a month need approx. 4 liters oil for one family of 4 persons. Means 1 person consumes 1litre oil in one month.

For 4 persons,

Refined Oil = 4 liters x 140 Rs.= 560 Rs.

Cold Pressed Oil = 2.5 liters x 270 Rs.= 675 Rs.

(2.5 liters cold pressed oil is equal to 4.5 to 5 Liters refined oil which costs approx. 630 Rs. to 700 Rs.)

So how we can say that cold pressed oils are costlier??

Based on the above details, you got clear idea of which oils are best processed to consume. We have provided all this detailed information to inspire people to become health conscious and we believe that each person in this world deserves a healthy and happy life.



We provide all cold pressed oils with the following benefits likes:-

  • NO CHEMICALS or PRESERVATIVES used while Extraction & Processing.
  • This Oil is Best Combination of TASTE, AROMA & HEALTHY FATTY ACIDS.
  • Wood Pressing ensures it is FULL OF NATURAL ANTI-OXIDANTS & NUTRIENTS.
  • Wood pressed Oil is extracted from PREMIUM QUALITY LOW FFA (Free Fatty Acids) seeds sourced directly from Farmers.
  • Seeds Broken without adding Water to Retain Lowest Moisture.
  • It has undergone FATTY ACID PROFILING to ensure 100% purity and no adulteration.
  • Wood Pressed Groundnut oil is a good source of monounsaturated fats (MUFA) & healthy fatty acids.

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